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2008 Best and Worst Cars
Want a fun look at this year’s winners and losers? Jerry Garrett walks you through his picks. read more

Yep. It’s Got a Hemi
Everyone’s seen the new Dodge Challenger, but only a few lucky dawgs have had a chance to see the 572 horsepower Hurst Hemi Challenger. Ride along and look at the pictures of this ultra special Challenger. read more

Caffeine Cruisers
There’s a club for everything. Caffeine Cruisers is for auto enthusiasts that need an early jolt of java to get started at their Saturday morning cruise. read more

Digital Light
Audi brings out the world’s first all LED headlight. Incredible lighting performance, digital adjustability and low power consumption make LED the light at the end of the tunnel.  read more

A Diesel BMW?
Diesel BMW’s are new to North America, but they’ve been extremely popular in Europe. How does a diesel fare in the “Ultimate Driving Machine”? Click to read a review of the 2009 BMW X5 xDrive 35d. read more

Top 10 Auto Gadget List
Into gadgets? Modern vehicles have more gadgets than ever before. Read the Top 10 Auto Gadgets for the coming year. read more

A Porsche Sedan?
Yes! But the new Panamera from Porsche is not you usual family sedan. Built with the famed Porsche power and performance, the Panamera will thrill enthusiasts. The ubersedan will be revealed at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show in April. read more