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Snow FootballMy mind is thinking of football as college and NFL camps are in full swing. Brats, ribs, and smiling faces in the tailgate lot have me excited.  I live in Salt Lake City and unlike my children, who attend the games with me, I look forward to at least one game in the snow. I love to see the players slipping and sliding on the field. It just makes me smile to see the warm weather schools come and shiver in the cold. They struggle dealing with the winter elements.

This takes me to my college girlfriend, who is now my wife. In college she drove this great looking sports car while I drove the family “truckster”.  Taking her car on dates was her idea and not mine. I still don’t know what she had against the color green! She looked great cruising around in the summer, but, when winter snow came, her car was only fun when we would spin into a “360” going around a corner.  It was so temperamental when the cold weather came.  Battery problems, snow tires, two bags of salt in the back of the “two seater”: it was a lot of work. The truckster was never picky with the seasons.

With a fresh 12 inches of snow on the ground, I would get up, walk outside in the cold, pump the gas pedal three times, turn the key and it started right up. I threw it in gear and it plowed through the snow and off to school I went.  She, on the other hand, needed studded tires, only plowed streets and several extra minutes to get to our business classes. She still looked so cute, even though a bit frustrated.

Every football player is gearing up for months of hard work in all kinds of situations. They don’t just jump into the season and play. They are not prepared for the elements of cold weather. Our vehicles also need preparation for the upcoming change in weather. A battery check, coolant protection, a tire change, belt replacement, and many more items need to be evaluated with the new season.

It always puzzles me how people go to the dentist and the doctor for preventive care. I guess it is because they understand the body has so many important parts to keep working. It appears we need to do a better job of informing motorists of the many intricate parts of the automobile and even small parts can significantly impact the use of the vehicle.

There are so many tools to be used. Videos with clear definitions and explanations, animations with visual clarity as to how the parts work are available for emails, point-of-sale assistance and as a means of entertainment while waiting for service completion. An educated customer will do more to protect their car from breakdowns.  Help your customers prepare for the upcoming season. If you need help please contact us at AutoNetTV Media.

By Robert Cannon, Chairman & CEO of AutoNetTV