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The way people buy and use cars is changing all the time. There are many factors that influence this, such as the economy and changes in technology. In 2024, there are big changes impacting the automotive industry, especially when it comes to electric vehicles, social media, and what people want from their cars. The automotive service industry is witnessing changes in consumer behavior, especially in electric vehicle (EV) demand, the role of social media as an information platform, and the changing preferences of customers.

Impact of Electric Vehicles (EVs) on Consumer Behavior

Consumer interest in electric vehicles has transformed purchasing behaviors and service attitudes of vehicle owners. An increased awareness in sustainability and environmental impact has led consumers to consider EVs as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional combustion engine vehicles. This change has increased consumer demand for EVs.

But most consumers have no idea about the maintenance and repair issues that still exist for EVs. Basic items like tires to support heavier vehicles and with less rolling-resistance may impact their replacement cost vs traditional combustion engines. And then you have the issue of an expensive battery replacement and the differences in fire hazards impacting those batteries. Too many consumers believe EVs are their golden ticket to no vehicle maintenance and repairs. Proper information is critical to help consumers make better decisions, both prior to and after purchasing an EV.

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Social Media as a Key Information Platform

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, partly because people are more aware of the impact cars have on the environment. But there are still things people do not know about maintaining and repairing electric vehicles, like how expensive it is to replace the battery. It is important to educate people about this so they can make informed decisions about buying an electric vehicle.

Service providers who add to the conversation with their own social media presence can benefit from increased awareness, and the reinforcement of their credibility. Your professional training and experience can add to the voices of reason and provide valuable advice that helps drown out the untrained voices. Most consumers do not want deep tutorials on replacing their own head gasket. Brief messaging on helpful items, such as recognizing when to replace tires, or signs of alignment problems, shows your willingness to help any vehicle owner.

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Changing Information Access and Consumer Preferences

Social media is also playing a big role in how people learn about cars and what they want from them. People go online to read about cars, watch videos, and ask for advice. This means service centers need to be part of these conversations too, so they can show people they know what they are talking about and can offer helpful advice. There is a growing interest in EV models, both for and against. With videos and stories detailing the good and bad about EVs versus traditional vehicles, vehicle conversations are at an all-time high in 2024. As a result, automotive service centers should join the conversation early, both online and in person. Helping consumers understand how your service offerings meet the current and ongoing vehicle service needs reinforces your professional expertise.

Your customers will come from both groups: for and against EVs. Take advantage of the current situation by engaging with your customers to help them understand that they will have service needs regardless of their vehicle decision. Useful information reinforces that you are the right experts to help them with whatever vehicle path they choose.

Implications for Automotive Service Centers

2024 presents automotive service centers with opportunities to adapt their service offerings and customer dialogue. The interest in EV vs combustion ownership and service requires a focus on extra training and equipment. The role of customer communication in shaping consumer perceptions shows the importance of maintaining an active online presence to build trust and credibility. Make the decision to actively engage your customers and prospects about all aspects of vehicle decisions. Your customers and bottom-line will thank you for it.

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