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Businesses with an online and retail presence have been sued, successfully, throughout the United States for not having their websites and/or videos on their website compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The ADA was created to prohibit various types of discrimination for individuals with disabilities, including providing the same access to services available to those without disabilities. For your website, this includes the blind, visually impaired, and people who are deaf. Since parts of the ADA have not kept up with website and video technology, most, including courts, have accepted the standards set by the WCAG 2.1 level AA. You can find more details and links at This article is not intended to convey or provide legal advice, so please consult an attorney for your specific questions or issues.

You can get a free online scan of your website that runs automated checks for numerous compatibility aspects at It’s important to note that your website design and functionality compatibility are different than videos and video player compatibility. They’re under the same umbrella, but you can be compliant in one area and not compliant in the other. Either way, you may be open to potential legal risks. For this brief discussion, we’ll focus only on videos and the video player.

Videos with speech or audio must have Captions, a Transcript of audio information that is time-synced, and Audio Descriptions that narrate the visual information referenced as part of the video. The video player itself (piece of software that shows the video) must be Accessible by having specific controls to access the required items via keyboard shortcuts.

AutoNetTV is aware of automotive service facilities that have been sued for violations of one or more of these ADA website and video standards and has provided its videos and video player to resolve legal disputes. If you want Car Care Videos, and a video player, for use on your website(s), click HERE to learn more - 

We work with many companies that provide websites, email marketing, digital vehicle inspections, declined service messaging, and other customer communications tools to integrate our Car Care Video library into your favorite solution. We’d love to talk with you and your provider to integrate videos into your preferred solutions.

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