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Expert Messages - that reinforce your professionalism.

We understand the challenges of customer communication, so we support your position as trusted service advisor, and tie your expertise to OE recommendations.

Technology - that makes everything eaiser.

New tech always has a learning curve – so we made ours as easy as possible with an auto pilot feature that saves you time and provides the personalized control you expect.

A Dependable Partner - to support you.

We give you a team of specialists that provides white glove service at every step of the process.

You don’t have to choose between customer satisfaction and more repair orders.

As a service professional, you feel a lot of responsibility for your customers. You want them to feel comfortable with you business and your team, but you also need to help them make big decisions that cost time and money.

You can do both! Our tools help your team present service recommendations in a way that helps your customers visualized the benefits, have confidence in your recommendations, and appreciate the value and peace of mind you offer.

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Thousands of service centers and the top industry brands rely on us to help their businesses. Here are a few:

  • Testimony Image "We have increased our mechanical sales by 33 percent because of AutoNetTV. I bought the body shop recently. They did mechanical work, but it was never advertised and it seemed that no one in the community knew we had a full-service mechanical shop. People now take notice while they are waiting for estimates and ask us if we can take care of mechanical services and repairs while their car is here for bodywork. Those same customers have also started bringing their other vehicles here for service work too. Thank you for such a wonderful product!"

    – Adam Clark Harriman, TN

  • Testimony Image "AutoNetTV is one of the best tools I have as a business owner. It really helps improve our customers’ experience, especially those first-time customers that we want to turn into a lifetime client. AutoNetTV is so important to help create an environment where they feel comfortable—without bad news, without politics, etc. Folks already have enough stress dealing with the problems of their day, so we need to get out of the bad-news business of regular television. I can’t tell you how many times we talk with a first-time client and AutoNetTV has already helped build or improve our rapport with them."

    – Bill Nalu Madison Heights, MI

  • Testimony Image "AutoNetTV delivers product and service information to our customers in a very entertaining and informative format while they are in our waiting room. It translates to sales and services sold that we would not get otherwise."

    – Donald Scott Fort Collins, CO

  • Testimony Image "AutoNetTV has increased our fluid services from customers just watching the menu board while we’re checking them in to the customer asking us for additional services. Our services have increased, on average, by 25 services per week, which is $3,000+ per month in pure profit—just from having the AutoNetTV menu board on our wall. I highly suggest AutoNetTV!"

    – Joe Cooper Charlotte, NC

  • Testimony Image "The nice thing about AutoNetTV is that it’s a soft sale for the services and repairs we promote. We really enjoy what it does for us. It keeps customers educated on services—even the simpler items that they may not already know we offer."

    – Phil Christensen Fort Collins, CO

These brands look to AutoNetTV to improve their customer communications.

Watch how AutoNetTV explains DIFM services for vehicle owners.

Transmission Service


Brake Rotors


Tire Replacement


We showed our car care videos to thousands of vehicle owners. These were their responses:


Increase their Comfort with Accepting Service Recommendations.


Increases their Trust in the Employees at a business that showed those videos


Increases their Desire to Return to a service provider that showed those videos

The AutoNetTV


We implement an easy-to-follow plan to help you increase add-on repair orders and customer retention.

  1. Choose the places where you’d like your customers to watch automotive videos (waiting area, service counter, online, etc.).
  2. Click Here, or Call our sales team at (801) 683-1941, to obtain a subscription.
  3. We help you customize your settings and services online. Our system then auto loads content based on your choices.
  4. For TV displays in your business: we send you the AutoNetTV device(s), you connect to your TV and Internet, and our system sends the right content based on your settings.

We have products for all of your customer interactions

Car Care TV Car Care Entertainment TV Car Care Content
For Service Counters and Walkways For Waiting Areas and Lobbies For Websites, Social Media, Email, Text Messages, Inspections, etc.
Content displays on a TV Content displays on a TV Content displays via applications on the web
Default videos have no sound Default videos have sound Sound or no sound videos
Service Pricing and Descriptions, Templates, Messages, Car Care Videos and Images Car Care Videos, Images, and Entertainment Content to replace Cable TV Car Care Videos
Customized to your business - logo, colors, services, etc. Customized to your business - logo, colors, services, etc. Insert videos anywhere you'd like
Media player provided Media player provided No media player required

The AutoNetTV Customer Service Agreement

We’re committed to growing your business success

  • It’s a Month-to-Month service agreement: You may cancel at any time.
  • Our content will support your business by directing your customers to you for personal advice.
  • We include Unlimited Customer Service. Call, email, chat/message as much as you want – we’ll do whatever we can to ensure your success.


Many automotive service centers struggle to get their customers to act on their service recommendations.

AutoNetTV’s Car Care explanation videos help build trust in your recommendations and motivate customers to act on them. Add-on repair orders grow and customer retention increases.

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Improve Trust

Customers will understand why they should follow your advice

Retain Customers

Customers who trust your recommendations will return "next time"

Have Peace of Mind

Know that your customers are hearing the right messages about car care

Are you ready to boost customer education?

Find out why over 14,000 service facilities use AutoNetTV.
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