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Your customers include 18-year-old males and 80-year-old females. Grandsons to grandmothers, fleet to farm vehicles, you’ve got them all. With your customer base, our audience, as diverse as this, we need to provide Car Care Content in as many ways possible to visually connect with the different backgrounds and learning styles of everyone. We create numerous styles of content, both with and without sound, covering the services and products you offer your customers.

With The Simpsons holding the title of “longest-running American scripted primetime television series”, we figured people really do enjoy good cartoons, and not just in childhood. Our Infographics series of videos provides vibrant, entertaining, and visually distinct videos both with and without sound. If you have our Lobby TV and/or Digital Menu Board programs, these videos are automatically rotated in your program that updates for you each month. You can also search in our online customer portal by typing the word “infographic” to find, preview and add any videos from this series directly into your program. Adding videos this way means they will display in your program until you decide to remove them, or by a start/stop date calendar. You can also find and add these videos to your digital inspection reports, digital marketing (like declined services and service reminders), social media and website through our Car Care Plugin product.

Have an idea for a new video style we should create for you? 

Please let us know by sending an email to, or calling our Customer Success team at (801) 492-9900. We’d love your suggestions and feedback.