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Automobile Fluids

As you know, fluids all serve a function in making your car run. Your vehicle manufacturer has specified a particular type of fluid for every system.
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Using Proper Fluids

It's more important than ever to have the correct weight of oil. The wrong weight could actually harm the engine.
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Drive Train – What You Need to Know

The driveline starts there and includes all of the components that transfer power from the transmission to the wheels.
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Service Intervals for High Mileage Vehicles

Following a regular maintenance schedule, like our personal diet and exercise plans, is actually critical to preserving your investment.
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Before You Hit the Road: Trip Inspection

You really do need to plan ahead for a major road trip
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Power Steering: Keep Headed in the Right Direction

For the most part, the heart of your power steering system is a pump that’s driven by a belt powered by the engine.
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Our cars have to operate in a wide range of outside temperatures and our engine coolant must be able to perform no matter what.
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Keeping Your Car Young

We couldn’t afford new cars very often, so we tried to make them last as long as we could. It’s a good thing that cars are more reliable these days.
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10 Overlooked Services

We have a list of 10 service items that are often overlooked. They’re all very important and need appropriate attention.
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Differential Service: What You Need To Know

Whether your vehicle is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, you have a differential. You might even have two or three.
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