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AutoNetTV OverviewAny successful digital signage application is comprised of two very important elements: delivery technology and content.  They work hand-in-hand for maximum impact on the audience you are seeking to reach.

In the automotive arena, the obvious target audience is the customer; and with the right technology and content, digital signage can be a powerful training tool for team members as well.

I spoke with Greg Vassar this week.  Greg’s auto center is in New York state.  He has installed the AutoNetTV Digital Lobby TV which uses state-of-the-art digital signage delivery equipment.  Greg’s digital media player has upgraded video on demand (VOD) capabilities.  The player stores an extensive library of AutoNetTV videos on over 75 service and repair topics.

When Greg recommends a service that his customer is not familiar with, he simply grabs his remote control and pulls up a video on the topic and watches it with the customer on his flat screen TV.  It’s a low pressure, 3rd party way to reinforce the recommendation and it helps close a lot of sales for Greg.

Now Greg knows his stuff, but some of his newer team members need a little training from time to time.  Greg uses the VOD feature to show team members how to present various service and repair recommendations to customers.

A robust technology solution also allows individual auto centers and brand affiliates to upload corporate training videos, product information, HR compliance, program launches and so on.

Now on to content:  Frankly good content is harder to find than a good delivery technology.  While AutoNetTV has several partners for entertainment content, it has always felt that the core educational segments that teach and encourage your customers should be produced in-house.  This is the video content that motivates your customers to restore vehicle safety and performance while fending off future, premature repairs – and you get to help them do that.

Together  powerful digital signage technology and top-quality content drive up CSI, loyalty and profits.

If you haven’t looked into digital signage or digital menu boards for your auto center, check out AutoNetTV ‘s offering to see how it can add to your profitability and customer satisfaction.  Digital Lobby TV