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Earlier this week I spoke with Matt Want, a service center operator in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Among other things, we talked about how digital signage can lift sales in a service environment.  I’ll come back to that after a little background.

You’d be a rare case indeed if you haven’t been exposed to digital signage.  It’s quite simply video content playing on a TV screen some place outside of your home – like at the supermarket checkout stand, in the lobby at the movies, or at a restaurant.  In fact a recent survey showed that some 70% of people report having seen such video in the last month, and over half have watched out-of-home video in the last, week.  Heck, I had two digital signage experiences before 10:30 this morning. 

This is surprising; the reach of digital signage video in a month exceeds the number of people who have ever sent or received a text message on their cell phone, who have watched online videos in the last month or have a Facebook account.  For better or worse, over a half century of TV watching has given Americans an almost evolutionary mandate to give any television screen a look.  And digital signage video is very effective at influencing consumers.  Almost 20% of viewers report they have made an unplanned purchase after seeing the product on a digital signage screen.

AutoNetTV commissioned a Nielsen Media Research study of viewers who watched the AutoNetTV program playing in their auto center’s lobby.  21% of viewers said that they considered purchasing a new product or service after seeing it on AutoNetTV.

So getting back to my conversation with Matt: he has installed AutoNetTV Digital Lobby TV at his service center.  This digital signage application has a large area of the video screen on which segments about how following manufacturers’ service recommendations can help consumers take better care of their vehicles and save money on future repairs.  Matt says he knows that his customers are watching because they come up and ask questions about the services featured in the program. 

The Digital Lobby TV screen also has an area that displays written messages.  Matt uses this area to feature specials and introduce services that his customers may not know he offers.   For example, many of Matt’s customers, even regulars, didn’t know they could handle their DMV work or that they sell batteries.  The ability for digital signage to display targeted messages, in addition to the other rich video content, has lifted Matt’s sales.  You can imagine that CSI increases as customers are entertained as they learn about something as important as their vehicle.

If you haven’t looked into digital signage or digital menu boards for your auto center, check out AutoNetTV ‘s offering to see how it can add to your profitability and customer satisfaction.  Digital Lobby TV