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DentistBy Bobby Cannon, Director of Sales, AutoNetTV Media, Inc.

My family and I play football on Thanksgiving morning every year. We call it “Turkey Bowl” and, due to the bragging rights it bestows on the winning team for the next year, it’s a big deal. This year it only took two plays for someone to have to leave the game with an injury, a new record!

Unfortunately, my cheek and jaw came out on the short end of a collision with my brother-in-law’s head. Due to the obvious swelling it was recommended that I visit my dentist to ensure there were no major problems. Upon my visit the dentist sat me down and performed a thorough inspection of my mouth, teeth and gums.

It was his opinion that there was no structural damage and that I would only need to watch for changes in my mouth or swelling. Always good news. But if the dentist would’ve recommended a procedure to fix a problem I would’ve agreed to it.

Most people are willing to listen and follow their dentist’s recommendations. Do we hold the recommendations from our service advisor in the same regard? For instance, when taking a car in for preventive maintenance and/or repair do any of us hesitate when the service advisor suggests a new service?

Just like the average dentist, automotive technicians are trained specialists in a specific field. Both use equipment as well as their expertise to diagnose and fix current and potential problems. Why do some consumers agree to an expensive root canal and hesitate on allowing new brake pads, a fresh cabin air filter, or synthetic oil? The answer can be complicated. There are many factors that play a part in this type of decision, but one of the most important is customer education.

Does the average person know what a differential service is? Do they know the benefits? If every person knew the value of a differential service I would wager that service advisors would sell more of that service. But educating every single customer in a way they understand can be difficult to do… without the right tools.

Automotive video content through Digital Menu Boards and Digital Lobby TV ensures that the customers who visit service centers are educated about the services and repairs related to their vehicle. They are taught, using engaging 3D animations and full-motion graphics, why certain services are suggested and the benefits they will see from following their service manual. Even better, the customer understands on their level, which inevitably leads them to “Yes” when the recommendation arrives.

Bobby Cannon is the Director of Sales for AutoNetTV Media, Inc.