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Do you feel like your customers don’t take your recommendations seriously? It can be frustrating when you’ve just performed a thorough vehicle inspection, but the information you’ve presented is disregarded by the customer. That’s where video can help.

AutoNetTV’s award-winning car care videos provide a visually engaging and easily understood overview of motor vehicles and their functions. When a customer has the opportunity to look deep inside vehicle parts (as with our 3D animations) or watch a well-narrated explanatory clip about a specific service, they are more likely to see the value in service recommendations. Once they fully understand the value and the necessity, they are more likely to pay for additional maintenance, repairs, etc.

Nearly 95 percent of surveyed vehicle owners agreed with the following statement: “Providing better information and explanations of vehicle services helps me to feel more comfortable at an automotive service provider.” Video does that—and it does it in a straightforward, visual way. When presented with three types of media conveying information on the same automotive topic (a short text article, a still image with labels, and a video), 69 percent said the video helped them understand the topic best, and 96 percent said seeing similar videos would increase their comfort in accepting automotive service recommendations.

Pairing video and automotive inspections is one of the best ways to build trust with customers. AutoNetTV videos can be shown alongside inspection reports, integrating video topics that support recommended services on the spot. Our Car Care Web product allows for video usage outside the waiting area and service desk screens, and even includes website and social media integration—perfect for sharing vehicle service information in whatever setting best fits your customer interaction scenario. We can even integrate with your preferred vendor for marketing, email, text or digital inspection tools. Want help with that? Just call or email us with the details and we’ll get on the phone with your preferred provider.

A well-informed customer is a happier customer. With AutoNetTV's Car Care Web product, you can help customers feel as confident in your recommendations as you do.