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If you perform vehicle inspections and then make recommendations to your customers based on what you found during the inspection, we have an entire video series just for that situation.

Services are often recommended due to mileage or age of vehicle, or by what your service advisor or technician has found during a visual inspection. The recommendation is similar, but the exact cause is different. For each of these situations AutoNetTV has created a series of videos with specific messaging based on the source of your recommendation.

These targeted videos can integrate through AutoNetTV’s new Car Care Plugin product with your digital inspection provider. Basically, any application or device that has an Internet connection can tie these videos directly to the maintenance or repair recommendation, such as Brake Rotors vs Brake Fluid, and be shown or sent directly to your customers.

Have an idea for a new video style we should create for you? Please let us know by sending an email to or calling our Customer Success team at (801) 492-9900. We’d love your suggestions and feedback.