Increase Add-on Repair Orders and Customer Retention

AutoNetTV is a KUS approved vendor that  delivers car care explainer videos that demonstrate your maintenance and repair services to customers.

Transform Dealership Displays into Service Advisors.

AutoNetTV is eligible for FORMF support

Best Automotive TV Videos & Best Training Material
Automotive Communication Award 2020. Women in AutoCare

Visually demonstrate maintenance and repair recommendations to your customers

Vehicle owners don't know about EGR, GDI, or U-joints. Car Care explainer videos help customers understand, so they say "yes" to your recommendations.

Transmission Service

Brake Rotors Warped

Wheel Alignment

Affordable monthly prices

You can see how digital signage works in your service center on a month-to-month basis. Cancel at any time. 

Increase your maintenance and repair orders

Get more customers taking time to educate them, build trust and reinforce your professional image.

AutoNetTV Solutions

Car Care TV

Digital Menu Board 

High-tech advancement of traditional menu boards, illustrating dealer offerings with engaging 3D animations and motion graphics displayed in the service area.

Device Cost: Free


Charged monthly

Plus one-time $199 Media Player/setup fee

Plus shipping and handling

Car Care Entertainment TV

Lobby TV 

Entertains and educates in the waiting area. Engaging television that entertains and educates customers while they wait.

Device Cost: Free


Charged monthly

Plus one-time $199 Media Player /setup fee

Plus shipping and handling

Car Care Web

Web Content 

Easy way to increase professionalism and user experience of your website through high-quality automotive videos and animations.  

Device Cost: No Device Needed


Charged monthly

Plus one-time $29 setup fee

There's More

New Kia Updates

Each of these new updates is FREE with your AutoNetTV subscription

AutoNetTV's New Content

3D animations and videos will help back up service recommendations, sell, aid and educate. 

NEW Kia Content

Kia content plays videos directly from Kia that explain specific vehicle features and how to use them. 

Kia Promotions

Kia promotions will automatically be displayed to your AutoNetTV program(s), showing promotions, sales, etc. 


Autopilot feature allows you to set your preferences so that the program updates automatically. 


Weather feature provides local weather forecast in a variety of styles and layouts for customer convenience. 

What Makes Our Videos So Great

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Entertaining and engaging content improves CSI scores in your business.

Improved Customer Dialogue

Video content gets customers thinking about their vehicle's service needs.

Lower Perceived Wait Time

Great content makes time pass more quickly for your customers.

"We currently match with AutoNetTV our store Displays and our Marketing activity. We Love to keep the current advertising message across all media. We are delighted with  AutoNetTV Solutions."

Brayan Call

Stevens Point, WI

"I am constantly having customers inquire about the services and promos being highlighted on AutoNetTV Digital Menu Board.  The programming has had a huge impact on our sales. Our Center is having a lot of success with AutoNetTV."

Sam Whitham

Provo, UT

Join many Kia Locations that are boosting their service recommendations

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