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Let's talk about marketing to women.  Now don’t roll your eyes –  there’s nothing to fear.  We won’t be discussing the mystery that is woman. 

It’s very simple: the secret to marketing to women is simply to have good marketing.  Period.  Women have higher standards.  Meet their expectations, and your male customers will be blown away.

Let me give you an example:  Look at the fingerprints on your front door.  Did you see them when you came in this morning?  And what would your mother say about your restroom?

Women start accumulating visual cues from the moment they pull into the parking lot.  If things are clean and tidy and if a friendly greeting is received, their minds are at ease and they are ready to concentrate on doing business.  If, on the other hand, a woman feels like she is walking into a boy’s clubhouse, she’ll start looking for the “No Girls Allowed” sign and will struggle to feel comfortable.

Now the answer is not to paint the walls pink.  That’ll alienate your male customers and offend the females.  Just create an environment that’s welcoming and comfortable and all your customers will be happy.

Let’s talk some facts.  There are ninety-seven million licensed female drivers.  Women earn about a trillion dollars a year.  Would you be surprised to learn that they spend two trillion?  Women control eight-five percent of purchase decisions including over fifty percent of spending in traditionally male areas like automotive service and repair.

That means that women are not a “niche” market – they are the market.  When it comes to the automotive service experience, what women demand – men appreciate.  So meeting their high standards is good for business: everyone wins.

Women seek more information in their decision making process than do men.  They look to peers, experts and on-line sources.  Taking the time to explain your recommendations and their benefits helps women make a decision.  And it’s time that’s well spent, because women will share their experience – good or bad – with twice as many people as your male customers will.

Now seventy-eight percent of women turn to the internet for information before they shop for goods or services.  A third will do product research on the internet before buying off-line.  Now that should tell you something about what your website ought to have on it.

First, you need to have a website.  Remember women want information – if you can’t provide it, you’re out of the running.  The usual website stuff like your phone number and directions to your center are helpful.  A list of services you provide is a must.  Now if that’s all you’ve got, it may be enough for the guys, but women will be left hungry for more information.  How about some articles and videos that explain the benefits of that menu of services you provide.  How will it make her car more reliable, safe and economical?  Communicate that, and you have a shot at the business.

If you haven’t already done it, check into the AutoNetTV Web Tools.  Your customers and prospects will have access to AutoNetTV’s extensive automotive web video library on service and repair topics.  New articles and videos will automatically be posted to your website twice a week.  That makes you the go-to source for automotive information. And the articles are customized for your location and they are formated for local SEO.

And you can pull up a video to illustrate a recommendation to a customer right from your service counter.  That’s the kind of information and service your female customers like.  And the guys will too, even if they won’t admit it.

Market your commitment to quality service and an outstanding customer experience, and all your customers will be very happy. 

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