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AutoNetTV is proud to announce a new partnership with AutoShop Solutions.

AutoNetTV, the go-to, award-winning industry content source for the automotive industry, has partnered with Autoshop Solutions, a premier automotive services-based digital marketing agency, to offer a comprehensive solution and preferred pricing for our joint customers.

AutoNetTV and Autoshop Solutions are working together to help shops bring in customers and provide them with a memorable viewing experience once they are in the shop. With this partnership, shop owners will be able to select the right fit from Autoshop Solutions, which includes a custom-designed website, paid search advertising, search engine optimization, and social media marketing, and will receive a discount on AutoNetTV!

AutoNetTV reinforces your professional recommendations with car care content in your website, waiting area, service counter, email, text messages and social media. Use AutoNetTV professional automotive videos to show customers exactly what a warped rotor looks like or how dirty fluid is preventing gears from properly shifting. AutoNetTV has the highest quality and largest quantity of automotive service content anywhere.

Special pricing for AutoNetTV Customers!

Get more Cars in your Bays with Autoshop Solutions Really Powerful Marketing Program! AutoNetTV Customers only pay $1 in set up costs during this promotion.

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AutoNetTV helps auto service professionals increase their repeat business and add-on repair orders through Car Care videos that build customer trust and interest in following their service recommendations. Recognized as an industry pioneer for vehicle owner education, AutoNetTV delivers award-winning videos for subscription use in waiting areas, service counters, websites, Digital Vehicle Inspections, social media, email and text messaging. For more information, please visit

Autoshop Solutions is an award-winning website design and internet marketing agency based in Apex, N.C. Since 2005, Autoshop Solutions has been helping the automotive industry with custom-designed websites and internet marketing solutions, including Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and more. For three years in a row, Autoshop Solutions was named to the Inc 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies and awarded nine years in a row by AutoInc. in the Top 10 Websites. They have also received the 2022 Gold AVA Digital Award for Website Redesign. Stay connected with Autoshop Solutions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or contact for more information.

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