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We just got back from the CARQUEST Business Expo in Las Vegas.  Sorry I don’t have any pictures, but they’d be pretty boring anyway.  I think we’re the only group that goes to Las Vegas and is in bed by nine o’clock.

Something like 450 automotive service center owners and technicians attended the Expo.  CARQUEST, one of the largest auto parts suppliers in North America, put on a great show with training sessions covering technical topics like hybrid repair, business management and even how to improve customer service.

One thing that’s impressed me about the automotive service and repair industry is their commitment to serving their customers.  Just keeping up with advances in automotive technology is a daunting task, but they also have to run an efficient business in order to get our cars taken care of quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Another thing that always strikes me when I’m at tradeshows is how nice people are.  Current AutoNetTV customers drop by and say hello and tell us about their favorite segments.    Those who aren’t yet customers listen respectfully to our pitch.

I have to say that our family’s vehicles are in good hands.