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Auto Market Weekly Video: 12-12-11

  This week, ASA takes over management of the SDRM, consumers should be on alert for MaxiGuard motor oil, AAIA’s Legislative Summit is open for registration and the safety of...
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Auto Market Weekly Video: 10-18-2011

This week, ASA remains focused on parts quality and unveils a revamped website, and a NACE panel tackles understanding DRP agreements.
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Auto Market Weekly Video: 6-13-2011

This week, ASA announces the mechanical division operations committee, Bendix launches the ultimate service center promotion, MEMA’s fall conference will provide supplier education and the results of the Aftermarket Business...
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Auto Market Weekly Video: 6-06-2011

This week, an Italian parts company continues its progress into the US,Autopromotec sets unprecedented numbers and ASA renews a major member benefit.
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Auto Market Weekly Video: 5-30-2011

This week, AkzoNobel is selling its US locations, the economy is rebounding as consumers save more and spend less, the 2011 Mobile A/C update clinic manual is now available and...
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Auto Market Weekly Video: 5-23-2011

This week, a collision shop owner is elected a state representative,ASA names its board of directors, a Mitchell 1 tool is to be sold and the Hawaii governor vetoes the...
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Auto Market Weekly Video 4-4-2011

This week, Recycled Rides helps those in need, ASA wraps up their STARS events, Tenneco is hosting a diagnostics training workshop and MACS hosts a certification webinar.
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Auto Market Weekly Video: 3-28-2011

This week, Motor Age is putting on a new webinar, ASA hosts an early-bird giveaway, repair shops can enter a NASCAR contest and technicians are encourages to share their best...
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Auto Market Weekly Video: 3-14-2011

This week, ALLDATA partners to provide a web-based catalog, Mitchell 1 announces a new app for Snap-on, ASA hosts a training and expo and Motor Ageand TST launch a webinar.
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Auto Market Weekly: 10-25-10

This week, the Motor Age Top Shop winner was named, ASA’s Ron Pyle shares his thoughts, a mechanical forum spotlights parts and Ford gives us its take on the OE...
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