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Auto Market Weekly Video: 12-5-2011

This week, Right to Repair gains traction, API launches a quality oil initiative and the Women’s Board presents an inaugural summit.
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Auto Industry Needs 200,000 New Workers Over Next 4 Years

  The domestic auto industry is starting to take off.  The Center for Automotive Research estimates that the industry will need an additional 400,000 works over the next 4 years or so.  It's expected that most...
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Porsche Panamera GTS Video

  Prior to the unveiling at the LA Auto Show, Porsche played this video featuring four of its test drivers in a Panamera GTS.  AutoNetTV Lobby TV program relaxes and...
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Preview: 2013 Ford Escape

  The 2013 Ford Escape is now very close to the European version.  There will be no V6 or hybrid options but rather a trio of in-line fours. Digital Signage...
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Infiniti Adds Muscle to IPL Lineup

  Infiniti is punching up its IPL performance offering with the 2013 IPL G convertible.  With 343 horsepower and other performance mods, the IPL line is going legit. When your...
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Volkswagen eT! Concept

  Volkswagen has introduced a very cool little all electric urban delivery van concept called the eT!.  Check this out. AutoNetTV Lobby TV program relaxes and entertains customers while they learn...
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Tata Nano Upgrades

  To battle very disappointing sales, Tata announced a host of upgrades for the Nano.  Now with 37.5 horsepower, the Nano should handily outrun my lawn mower. Need video content...
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Mercedes Benz SL’s New Aluminum Body Weighs 250 lbs Less

  Bucking the trend of bigger and heavier, Mercedes is putting an aluminum body on it's SL line that will, along with other weight saving measures cut 310 pounds from...
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Porsche Leads East African Safari Rally

  Porsche is leading in the grueling East African Safari Classic Rally.  Read about the competition and see the pics. AutoNetTV reaches millions of viewers each month – viewers who...
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62.9 MPG in a Jaguar XF Diesel

62.9 mpg is impressive for any vehicle, let along a 5-seat Jaguar XF.  Get the details of how the British-spec stock Jag diesel got such great fuel economy in a...
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