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New Videos From AutoNetTV – April 2016

So far this year, AutoNetTV has added 168 videos to it’s library. Here is a sampler of what’s new for April.
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New AutoNetTV Videos

Every month, AutoNetTV adds dozens  of videos to its library.  Check out a short montage of just a few that are new for March 2016.
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Low Blinker Fluid & Replacement Honk

  By Brandon Storrs, VP Visual Communications and Production, AutoNetTV Media, Inc. We’ve all heard stories about service advisors offering to sell a customer “bumper fluid” for just $30.  At...
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AutoNetTV Celebrates Its 100th Episode: Uncounted Lives Saved

August 2014 marks AutoNetTV’s 100th episode.  For eight and a third years, customers in various auto care facilities have been entertained while they learn how to save money with timely...
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Making It Last

By Robert Cannon, President and CEO of AutoNetTV Fall is such a great time of year. Football.  Leaves change colors – and the temperature is so pleasant. People walk around...
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6 Elements of Success in the Service Department

There are 6 elements to success in the service department, all centering around the interface between you and your customer:  Experience, Service, Interaction, Sales, Content, and Marketing.  While each of...
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Makin’ a List & Checkin’ It Twice

  by Kim Curtis, AutoNetTV Corporate Accountant I can honestly say I am not a specialist when it comes to understanding automobiles.  I am not sure what the names of...
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Why Your Customers Leave

Think you know best? If your customers don't agree they'll leave. Convenience, Amenities & Information keep them close. Find out more in our article in the May-June Fixed Ops Magazine...
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The Underwear Motorcycle Gang

by Sean Whiffen Few things are better than the rush of the wind against your bare skin as you cruise in nothing but underwear and socks.  Or so we imagined...
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Shock Value: Sell More Shocks and Struts

    We rented an RV for fall break.  We had a great four-day weekend – with the exception of driving the RV.  The shocks were completely shot.  I’d say...
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