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Blonde with 9 Inch Spikes

  It’s not what you think . . . this is about customer retention.  My mom was recently telling my kids that my kindergarten teacher expressed concern about me because...
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Bundle Up

  About 35% of policy owners shop their car insurance in a given year.  Less than half will actually switch.  That puts customer retention in the mid 80% range.   When...
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Only You Can Prevent Preventive Maintenance

The fire had gone from a spark to nearly a thousand acres in less than 3 hours. There had been no measurable precipitation for over a month, it was nearly...
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How Much for Your Business?

  My friend who owns a 6-bay shop was telling me that business is great.  While he is always keeping his eye on improving the bottom line, he said that...
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Virtual Reality in the Auto Shop

We’re always seeking feedback from our customers and they respond very positively.  Over the years we’ve incorporated suggestions for new service topics for our video library.  We’ve also gotten a...
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Menu, Schmenu

  A few months ago I asked a shop owner and master technician to review an article for our website content product.  The topic was “Deciphering the Menu Board”.  The...
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Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow

  When I was a kid, my Dad and I would watch Robert Blake as the gritty undercover TV cop, Baretta.  I got a kick out of his cockatoo, Fred,...
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The Worst Wheel

  When my youngest was 7 she said, “I can’t remember – is it the boy or the girl peacocks that have the bright feathers.” “It’s the boys.  In the...
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