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Mercedes Benz SL’s New Aluminum Body Weighs 250 lbs Less

  Bucking the trend of bigger and heavier, Mercedes is putting an aluminum body on it's SL line that will, along with other weight saving measures cut 310 pounds from...
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Chevrolet Camaro Earns Top Crash Test Rating

5 Stars in all crash categories is pretty darn good.  Problem with the old ratings system is that too many vehicles were getting top ratings, so the National Highway Traffic Safety...
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Best SUVs and Crossovers of 2011

Check out iguida’s list of best SUVs and Crossovers for 2011.  I can go along with some of their choices – how about you? Whether you need video to showcase...
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Driven: 2012 Scion iQ

The Detroit Bureau asks “Is it smarter than a Smart?”  Check out the 2012 Scion iQ and draw your own conclusion. You may not know that AutoNetTV does video production...
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Better Drivers: Men or Women?

Are women getting a bad rap when it comes to driving?  A new study seems to say so.  Check this out to see just how much better women drivers are....
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Oettinger Golf GTI Edition 35

Like the idea of a sub-six second VW Golf GTI with a top speed of 161 mph?  If so, check out what Oettinger is doing with their GTI Edition 35....
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High Speed Chase Totals Porsche Boxter

A high speed chase is nothing new.  But this one took place in Australia.  This article is fun because of the Auzzie’s perception of the difference between how cops handle their...
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Top 10 Cars at the Frankfurt Auto Show

Yeah, I didn’t get their either – the Frankfurt Auto Show – so here is the next best thing, AutoGuide‘s top 10 cars at the show.  See if you’d rank...
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VW Gets Playful with Small SUV and Dune Buggy Concepts

VW went a little wild with the micro-car concepts at the Frankfurt Auto Show this year.  Check out the dune buggies and sport utes based on the Up!. You may...
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Test Drive: Range Rover Evoque

The Detroit Bureau tests the Range Rover Evoque under the streets of Liverpool.  Check it out. Whether you need video to showcase your product, market your service or train your...
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