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What You Wish Your Customers Knew

  Some time ago we produced a video about what automotive center owners and operators wished their customers knew.  I imagine that some of these items are on your list...
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The Sky is Falling!

So the sky is falling – What lands on your head is up to you. The economic realities of today are brutal and greatly affect the service and repair industry. ...
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Off to See the Wizard Part 3

This article is the third of a three part series on building trust with customers.  Part 1 deals with how you can build trust before your customer even arrives at...
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Mind Your P’s & Q’s – and Your PCV’s

Every profession has its own jargon and acronyms.  Doctors have EKG’s, VSD’s, PAT’s and TIA’s (which does not stand for the Tire Industry Association).  The automotive service industry is just...
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