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I was at the mall the other day.  I wanted to take a load off and headed towards a cushy armchair.  As I approached I thought I could see something under the chair.  I bent over and fished out a $10 bill.  Now that was a pleasant surprise.  It’s not like I can retire early, but the Mrs. Fields snickerdoodle I bought with it tasted pretty good.

I was reminded of another pleasant surprise when I spoke with Van who manages an automotive center that subscribes to our Digital Lobby TV.  When we started AutoNetTV, we aimed to help automotive centers improve their CSI and lift their ARO.  We’ve succeeded at that, but our customers also started reporting a benefit we hadn’t intended: We started hearing things like, “I’ve been in this business over 20 years and I’m learning from the AutoNetTV program.”

Of course we’re not training Service Advisors and Technicians to diagnose and repair vehicles better.  But we are modeling how to communicate to typical consumers the complicated world of automotive service and repair.  The AutoNetTV educational programs explain topics in familiar, non-technical terms; simply lay out what needs to be done; and help viewers understand the performance, safety and economic benefits of taking care of the services you recommend.

So when I was talking with Van, I was not surprised to hear him say his “new guys” learn a lot from the program.  Watching AutoNetTV Digital Lobby TV is now part of Van’s training routine for “new guys”.

Click on this link for an overview of our automotive lobby TV program delivered on a powerful digital signage platform.  And stay tuned for our soon-to-be-released digital menu board that’ll kick things up a notch or two.