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Time For New ContentWhen it comes to automotive Digital Menu Boards and Lobby TV programs, you’ve got choices.

A lot of people focus on technical features and spend hours comparing specifications and capabilities.

But you know what – your customers will never see the backend, assess the content asset management system, or appreciate the permissions hierarchy.  For them: It’s all about the content, Baby!

Content is what sets AutoNetTV apart from the other guys.  Our price is competitive, our technology platform is absolutely top shelf; but our award-winning content is unrivaled.

AutoNetTV invests heavily each month in expanding our content library.  We back up our claim to the best content in the industry with a 4,500 sq. ft. production facility, seven full-time professionals, and an expansion team on call.

34 new pieces added for June 2016 – which brings total new assets to 279 for the year.  Yeah, that’s how we show our commitment to remaining the leader in automotive digital content production and delivery.

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