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Nowadays, it’s even more important to educate customers beyond simply selling them on your services and its products.

Here are 3 ways to start with Social Media.

Social media is not just for sharing family pictures and kitten memes. Social media has become a source of entertainment and information. Every day more than 90% of the total US population uses social media actively, according to DemandSage. This number is steadily increasing, year by year.

Not only does social media help to spread awareness about your brand and products, but it also gives you the opportunity to educate customers in a casual and relaxed setting. This is an excellent way to bring valuable information to vehicle owners and help them gain knowledge and increase their confidence about making auto service and repair decisions.

As an Automotive business, you can do many things to utilize social media to inform and educate vehicle owners. Remember to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. You do not want to constantly see content pushing you to buy. You want to see content that is entertaining, relevant, and informational to you.

Here are the top 3 ways to educate and engage customers in the social media world.

1. Share educational content (explainer content)

Creating and sharing how-it-works guides from your website to social media is a terrific way to educate your customers, especially with complex repair services.

You can write blog entries directed toward specific repair services and customers' most frequent questions, services, vehicle problems, etc.

The best way to do this is to pinpoint your audience's pain points and create content that addresses those. In this way, turn your social media into a powerful educational channel, encouraging your followers to keep scrolling to find more valuable content.

2. Invest in product usage

Sharing successful stories, experiences or case studies from your current customers helps personalize your messages. Customer reviews and testimonials offer the best examples of service usage as they can give detailed reviews and references for your services without you having to put in all the effort.

Through customer review posts, you can recruit other customers to be your voice and, at the same time‌, you are teaching others how effective your services are.

So let their voice be heard through a short video testimonial or a simple graphic with a quote on it.

3. Post fun content

Everybody knows that humor can boost learning and retention. With this handy tool in your inventory, you can create and share fun content that enlightens the mood and gets customers' attention. 

Use humor to explain difficult concepts, test the current vehicle knowledge of your followers, or help vehicle owners understand parts and systems.

Whatever educational message you want to share across the web, humor will make it more entraining and memorable.

To put this into practice, you can share GIFs, polls, memes, infographics, or short videos that bring attention to entertain and educate customers.

Educating customers on social media lets you get a lead closer to your business and establish a nurturing relationship.

AutoNetTV Car Care Web includes award-winning content to fill your social media channels with explainer videos, repair service videos, trivias, blog articles, and much more with eye-catching content that audiences are more likely to watch and share.

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