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"Drill Down" series of AutoNetTV videos

Drill Down car care videos explain the various aspects of vehicle part or system failure and how service centers perform valuable work to protect their investment.

The Drill Down series of videos focuses on the various signs and symptoms the average vehicle owner can observe about their vehicle. The videos then help reinforce the benefits in terms of performance, safety and long-term savings from having the work performed by your professional technicians. These videos are broken out into a few specific sections as shorter videos, as well as joined together for a longer and more complete service topic discussion.

For example, for Alignment Service, the Drill Down series breaks this discussion into four videos: Causes of Misalignment, Signs of Alignment Problems, benefits of an Alignment Inspection, and, finally, a complete video with all of those elements and a brief discussion on the Alignment System. These videos help you to separate and target the various aspects of each service, such as specifically targeted based on a customer’s issues found during an inspection or for general information and marketing usage.

The Drill Down series of videos are available both with and without sound, enabling them to be used in all of our subscription product offerings, including waiting areas, service counters, and your website.

Have an idea for a new video style we should create for you? Or want help finding and using the videos? You can reach us by sending an email to, or calling our Customer Success team at (801) 492-9900. We’d love your feedback and to offer any help.

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