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AutoNetTV Video Series Styles – "Shorts"
Targeted videos addressing the Why behind specific service and repair needs.

When you’re recommending very specific service and repair needs to your customers, such as Clutch Fluid Exchange, CV Joint and Boot Replacement, or Valve Cover Gasket Replacement, AutoNetTV’s “Shorts” video series is the tool designed to help boost your recommendation success rate.

These Shorts, available with and without audio, cover 78 targeted parts and service needs – far beyond the basic maintenance services found on most menu/price display boards. These videos focus on helping vehicle owners understand:

1. What the system or part does as part of the vehicle to help ensure proper performance and safety.

2. How the system or part deteriorates over time, miles, or other conditions.
3. What possible symptoms the customer may have noticed on their vehicle.
4. Why the customer should have the system or part serviced as recommended, which usually involves benefits in performance, safety, and/or saving money long-term.

These videos are all less than one minute in length and are ideal for sending to customers via email or text, inclusion with inspection report findings, as well as showing customers as part of your recommendation presentation. Access to these videos is included with every subscription product offering, including Car Care TV, Car Care Entertainment TV, and Car Care Web

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