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Top three drivers for vehicle owners to obtain maintenance

In our in-depth Automotive Service research report, we wanted to understand the current attitudes of vehicle owners towards vehicle maintenance and what motivates them to act on service recommendations.

The top three motivations for vehicle owners are:
- Make vehicle last longer
- Ensure rider safety
- Prevent future breakdown

The top three concerns may correlate with the increasing average vehicle age. Keeping these vehicles running well, safely, and failure-free is highly motivating. Informational messaging framed in these terms should be very motivating for customers. In our study, we further explored what actions or tools could be employed to educate and inform vehicle owners of the importance of vehicle maintenance. While it might be tempting for vehicle owners to overlook routine upkeep, understanding what motivates them to follow vehicle maintenance can significantly improve your communication with your customers.

More than 92% of vehicle owner survey participants agreed that if a Service Advisor showed a brief video to help explain vehicle maintenance or repair services it would increase their interest in obtaining the service.

AutoNetTV explainer videos show technical concepts and the importance of vehicle maintenance so your customers can easily see and understand what you are saying. Empower your service consultations with AutoNetTV videos to aid your ability to convey information.

In conclusion, vehicle owners' motivations for vehicle maintenance extend far beyond simple upkeep. They encompass safety, reliability, longevity, performance, cost savings, resale value, warranty compliance, and even emotional attachment. Understanding vehicle owners' motivations and their preferred way to learn and understand maintenance services is a formula to increase your service recommendations.

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