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Add up the number of hours you’ve spent waiting for doctors, dentists, a restaurant table, haircuts and auto service, etc.  That’s a lot of time with nothing to do.  Smart businesses try to keep you occupied while you wait – really smart businesses try to keep you occupied with something that helps them make more money and increases CSI.

I was reviewing customer service calls for some of our customers with quick lube operations.  They reported having 25 to 60 customers who wait every day, the average was about 40.  There’s seldom a time during the day with fewer than 2 customers in the service waiting area. 

I picked up a screw in a tire this week and rolled into the nearest tire shop.  They had two customers waiting, just staring at the three custom wheels on the showroom floor.  No magazines, no TV, no nothing.  Neither of the customers had brought anything to entertain themselves and they looked bored out of their minds.  Anything would have been better than that.  

I like to read car magazines while I wait; some prefer sports, news, celebrity gossip, entertainment, outdoors, house and garden.  If you want to cover the bases with magazines, you’ll be spending a fair amount every month to provide a good selection.  The downside is that your competitors’ advertisements are right there in your house.  Of course, you have the same problem with regular television. 

I’ve waited for my car while a movie was playing on a DVD.  I’ve had kids in my house for 28 years so I’ve seen every Disney movie 43 times and it’s not any fun to see just 45 minutes of a movie anyway.  And a lot of businesses don’t realize they are violating copyright laws by showing DVD movies in their waiting room (“This video is licensed for home use only”) and are risking pretty stiff penalties.  The DVD police aren’t likely to show up, but there are firms that represent video and music publishers who cruise businesses looking for violators and are happy to either sell you a license or slap you with a law suit – your choice.

Digital signage based Lobby TV is a great alternative.  A variety of fast-paced entertainment, NO competitors’ ads, plus content that actually educates your customers on the services you offer and motivates them to get them done when they’re needed.  It’s a CSI no-brainer that keeps the competition out of your lobby and helps you put your best foot forward every time.

Take a minute and check out AutoNetTV’s Digital Lobby TV offering.  It may be just the thing your service business needs to go to the next level.