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The AutoNetTV Car Care Entertainment TV program can run as it is with a mix of car care videos and short entertainment segments, or can be completely customized. If you like to customize your messaging and promotions regularly, then you'll love our editing, creation, and flexible design features! Easily add your logo, update promotions, adjust service offerings, and even upload your videos or messages—with just a few clicks online. Promote employee certifications, charitable sponsorships, or your social media activities.

Here are the maintenance and repair services we include by default in your Sep 23 program. If you need help customizing your playlist, call our Customer Success team at (801) 492-9900.

Brake Service
Auto Care Maintenance
Engine Air Filter
Timing Belt
Tire Rotation
Transmission Service
Oil Change
Cabin Air Filtert
Synthetic Oil
Tire Pressure
Alignment Service
Headlamp Replacement
Wiper Blade Replacement
Benefits of Regular Maintenance
Tire Pressure
Shocks and Struts
Check Engine Light
Wheel Alignment

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