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Customers sometimes think “parts is parts – get me the cheapest one out there”.  Service professionals sometimes think they need cheap parts to meet their margins or are reluctant to recommend a better, more expensive part.

So often, the cheapest option is far from the best choice.  If the fit is wrong – you’ll be returning it.  If it fails to perform – you’ll be replacing it again.  You are exposed  to slower turn around times, strained supplier relations, and unhappy customers.  How much does that cost you?

It’s great to have “value” options for customers who are in a financial bind.  However, defaulting to top-quality replacement parts is good for business retention, customer satisfaction, and referrals.  Use quality replacement parts and eliminate one more thing that can go wrong.

If you are committed to maintaining a great reputation, use quality replacement parts.  And get the word out with a broadcast quality video that tells the world all about it.  You can get a video customized for your business for $1,000.  Give us a call (877-642-3555) or visit Custom Videos.