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iStock_000004731324SmallMom used to say, rather emphatically, “Don’t watch so much TV, you’ll ruin your eyes!”  That was back in the day of 3 channels when I would watch a ½ hour after school.  Fast forward to today when the average American spends 33 hours a week watching video on their various screens.  That’s like a full time job.

Nielsen reports that internet video viewing is up 22% from Q3 2008 to Q3 2011.  In the same time period viewing on mobile devices is up over 200%!  In recent months, tablets have been outselling PC’s.

14% off all internet minutes are spent watching online videos and it’s on pace to hit 50% by 2014.  From an advertising perspective, online video outperforms TV in every metric imaginable.

So What’s On Your Website?
Take a look at your website.  If you don’t have any video how do you look:  Progressive?  Cutting edge?  Professional?  Remotely interesting?

Look, I’m a big reader, but when I’m on a website – especially on my tablet or smartphone – I would much rather see a video than read the same information.  It conveys the material better, is more impactful and more likely to motivate me – it’s just a better experience.

I think you would want online videos about the services you offer.  They should explain the service, why it needs to be performed, what triggers a recommendation (manufacturer’s schedule or an inspection, the potential consequences of not getting the work done and the benefits of timely service.  The videos should covey useful information and demonstrate your credibility: why wouldn’t someone get their work done with you after your website has been so helpful?

Video is just going to continue to permeate the online experience across all size video screens.  As that unfolds, the perceived gap between the “have’s” and the “have not’s” will continue to grow.   Businesses that don’t use video in their online presence will be seen as being old fashioned, not keeping up with the times.  Not the up-to-date image you want to put out there as automotive technology marches forward.

Since everyone’s apparently ignoring their Mothers and watching more video, use the trend to your advantage and get your share of those who are looking for car care information into your service bays.

So dust the electronic cobwebs from your website and get some high-quality videos and animations that explain what you do and why your visitors should take better care of their vehicles with you.


Lance Boldt is Vice President and a Co-Founder of AutoNetTV Media Inc.  AutoNetTV produces automotive video and animation tools that are used in Automotive Internet Video applications, Automotive Lobby TV and Digital Signage, Digital Menu Boards.