AutoNetTV is now a Carquest approved vendor

Enhance Customer Experience!

Visual Selling for Your Parts Counter

Use eye-catching visuals to promote your products effectively. AutoNetTV's Parts counter and store promotions inform and educate your customers making it easier for them to understand part replacement and quality product decisions

CO-OP approved
Large content library
One-on-one customer service
Set up in just a few minutes

How This Benefits Your Business


desire to return to the service provider in the future.


are willing to obtain additional services discussed.

Vehicle Owner responses based on the AutoNetTV Automotive Service Report

Provide a clear and easy-to-understand representation of the parts your customers need

AutoNetTV offers a vast library of videos and 3D animations that can help showcase your products and promotions

Brake Rotors Warped

DIY Synthetic Oil

Battery Testing

Affordable monthly prices

For less than $2 a day, and no long-term  contract, you can have cutting-edge digital signage in your Carquest Store. The best of all? It is CO-OP Approved!

Increase your automotive parts orders

Visually showcase your promos, new products, specials, product bundles, and help your customers make better-informed decisions with confidence


AutoNetTV Solution

New Program Offer: Exclusive Deal for your Carquest Stores

Customer Education

This 24/7, silent promotional tool displays Carquest specials, seasonal and holiday promos and other product information to customers while at your business. No sales pressure. No forgetting to mention additional products or promotions.

Enhanced Professionalism

Differentiate yourself from competitors with high-tech, high-quality content and messaging that reinforces your professional image. Engaging digital content confirms the necessity of your product offerings and shows that you invest in cutting-edge tools.

Carquest Parts TV

Parts Counter and Store Promotions


100% C0-OP approved
Automated content updates
Pre-made Carquest templates
TV Screens provided by Carquest store.

Requires a one-time $99 equipment fee plus $15 shipping fee

Improved Customer Experience

Customers want to understand the what and why when making purchase decisions. Informational video content builds customer trust and provide a memorable experience at your business.

Increased Customer Dialogue

When people watch interesting videos and engaging content, they talk about them. Informative video content displayed at your business becomes a conversation starter, generating more dialogue between you and your customers.

Upgrade your Carquest store today

Optional Equipment and/or Professional Installation

Commercial TVs and Professional Installation available

Service / Waiting  Area 

Package A

On-site Installation



Package B 

43" TV
Wall mount
On-site installation



Package C

50" TV
Wall mount
On-site installation



Package D

55" TV
Wall mount
On-site installation



Show Room

Package 01

85" TV
Wall mount
On-site installation



Package 02

65" TV
Wall mount
On-site installation



Three simple steps to engage customers at your Carquest Store.


Choose how many devices you need based on your store screens.  


Enroll today with our easy signup process

Remember it is 100 CO-OP approved. 


Connect the AutoNetTV Media player to your TV with the included HDMI cable, then connect to your internet.

Contact AutoNetTV customer services to customize your program if needed

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to have/provide to use the products?

You’ll need a TV with an HDMI input, and a wired or wireless Internet connection. You’ll also need to know your Internet connection details so the digital media player device we send you can download the right information and content to display on your TV.

How long does it take to get my hardware?

Once you’ve placed your order, the hardware (a small digital media player that comes with a power adapter and an HDMI cable to connect to your TV set) will be shipped within 24-48 business hours. We ship UPS, and the package is usually delivered within 3-5 days.

How hard is it to setup the hardware?

Not hard at all! Here are the three easy steps – First, plug the media player into a power outlet; second, plug the HDMI input into your TV; and lastly, connect the player to your Internet (it can be wireless through your Wifi network or wired)

How I can add my own content?

Contact our customer success department and one representative will assist you to upload your content. You can add your own images and videos! 

Call us: (801) 492-9900 or send us an email:

Do you have more questions? Contact us

(801) 492-9900

Sign-up today with four simple steps.

Fill out your Store information

Signup online with all your contact information

Select your number of devices

Based on your store screens choose your devices

Provide shipping information

Confirm where we may send your devices.

Provide your payment method

Submit the form and you are all set

Ready to get started?

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Always 100% Safe & Secure.

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