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6. Our company financial status and market position

We focus on the work product itself, not on when, where or how much time is spent on the work. We don’t measure success by the number of hours per week someone sits in front of a computer. We want our team to be fulfilled in their personal lives as well as their work life. Work should not deprive you of your best self by draining all your time and energy, with little left for your personal enjoyment and pursuits. The job is designed to only require 40 hours per week. Sometimes you’ll need to work 48 hours in a week, while others only 32. We don’t track it. Our goal is for you to feel true work-life balance and enjoyment. Trust, empowerment, support, genuine personal interest, and overly open and transparent communication are our hallmarks.

If this position sounds right for you, please apply at

Position Overview

Looking for a great company culture that gives you autonomy, appreciation, and flexibility within a small, dynamic group that allows your work to shine? If you love to program new applications, feature-rich enhancements, and be a go-to person for managing innovative solutions for a wide array of mobile applications, then this position is for you. You’ll be given every opportunity to learn, innovate, grow and contribute in meaningful ways. Applications include cloud-based solutions for connected devices, APIs, downloaded and streaming media content, remote device control, international hardware-agnostic implementations, and e-commerce integration. You’ll be encouraged and provided time to improve your skills and learning, building your own professional development. Will have a flexible work schedule, including working from home and/or in an office, focusing on the work product delivery itself. Come work at a company that is profitable, growing, has never conducted layoffs, and has a terrific team culture.

Job Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related discipline 

• At least 2 years of experience in an application development position 

• Experience with Android system level application development and/or control (such as root issues and remote control) 

• Experience with designing, coding, testing and implementing Android and iOS mobile applications using one code base 

• Experience with Flutter / Dart or Android Studio 

• Knowledge of the following technologies: Java, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, and REST web services

• Experience in the development and consumption of Web API 

• Experience in source code version control (bitbucket/GIT)

Benefits Include: 

• Unlimited PTO 

• Flexible work schedule, including work-from-home 

• Full benefits package – medical, dental, vision, AD&D, gym subsidy 

• Benefits start the first day of the month after hiring 

• 401(k) 

• Free fitness center in our building 

• Small, fun, inclusive, and supportive company culture

Work and Products for Android Java position

We build products to deliver our Car Care content (videos, images, articles, etc) to subscribing service centers. Our videos have primarily been displayed on TVs inside the businesses, but have dramatically expanded to web-based applications. We are in the thick of building an entirely new platform that will integrate all of our products into one application suite. One central set of functionality, settings, content repository, etc, that seamlessly distributes and displays the users’ selections to all of their product subscriptions.

One of the primary products the Android Java Developer oversees is to expand, enhance, maintain and fix an Android APK that connects to a TV and controls an entire TV program loop. We obtain the hardware directly from China, with a slightly customized firmware. The player is designed to run 24x7x365. It’s similar to an Apple TV or Roku player, but blends online UI control/configuration with local control done with the included remote control. Roku on steroids! Users can build, or have the system auto build, programs that are full-screen or multi-zone, with videos, images, and html composited templates, with a loop that is several hours in length. You will own this APK product.

This is a picture of the media player and the welcome/setup screen:

The device/program can display numerous content designs, such as these:

Another aspect of the Android APK this person will own is the development of remote device functionality and UI, enabling our internal customer and tech support teams to interact with and control the media player devices without any local user intervention.

Another product this position will own is a new mobile app, for iOS and Android. The app will be for phones and tablets, and will tie to the same platform, settings, etc, as the Android APK media player. The app will not only allow the immediate showing and sharing of content, but will also act as a control device to the Android APK media player discussed above, eliminating the need for most users to login to the online portal.

In addition, the Android Java Developer will own the building of an SDK version of the Android APK to enable international customers to install and run our application on any approved Android media player available in their country, without our team having to fulfill, support, and RMA devices across the globe.

Our Dev Team

We have a small Development team, which puts a lot of responsibility and opportunity on the shoulders of each member. Every engineer reports directly to the Co-founder of AutoNetTV, who oversees product innovation, business case, and architecture. This flat structure eliminates bureaucracy and allows the best ideas and strategy to guide development decisions and priorities. Our team consists of the following members:
1. Backend/database/Java/API expert with over 30 years of experience, and who can build anything and build it awesome. Works 100% remote. 

2. Multi-purpose expert with over 20 years of experience who focuses on servers, security, PHP, and web applications. Works 100% remote. 

3. UI/UX designer and developer expert with 15 years of experience and an incredible eye for design. Works 100% remote.

4. Multi-purpose developer with 5 years of experience who focuses on web applications. Works 100% remote.

5. Co-founder of AutoNetTV. Works 100% in the office. 

6. Technical & Product Director – acts as a scrum master to track Jira tasks, serves as first line of product testing for certain products, and interfaces with major clients for needs assessment. Works 100% in the office. 

7. Quality Assurance Specialist – fulfills product delivery, serves as first line of product testing for certain products, focuses on Android apk media player bugs, firmware and procurement with China, etc. Works 100% in the office.

The Android Java Developer can work entirely from home, entirely in the office, or a blend. Living within a reasonable driving distance to our Draper office is important for those occasions where this person needs to iterate product performance and bug fixes on numerous devices with our testing team here in the office.

Company Culture Principles

Culture is the shared beliefs, values, norms, and habits that are held and practiced regularly. Culture is about how we work together, how we’re expected to behave with one another, the goals we collectively pursue, and the way we respond to challenges and setbacks. In other words, culture is what we experience all day, every day working at our company, and what we hope to extend, as much as possible, to our customers and partners in every interaction we have with them.

1. Inclusion - We seek to go beyond the simple government discrimination protections based on race, color, religion, sex (including identity and orientation), national origin, age, disability and genetic information, by providing acceptance, love, empathy, compassion, and genuine interest in the life, health, and happiness of our team members. 

2. Integrity - We will act with integrity, both individually and collectively as a company, in all of our business interactions and pursuits. Honesty will never be sacrificed for advantage, recognition, or profits. 

3. Quality - We seek to provide best-in-class service to our customers, partners, and affiliates. Not only will we provide white-glove service as part of our subscriptions, but also allow any customer, regardless of size, to speak directly with any manager, executive or owner of our company, without delay, to address any issue that may arise. 

4. Accountability - We seek to possess and cultivate, individually and collectively as a company, the principles of Extreme Ownership in taking responsibility and accountability for our own personal growth, improvement, and actions. 

5. Compassion - We seek to contribute to other people’s self-esteem through positive interactions of kindness, honesty, respect, and a sincere desire for improvement. 

6. Teamwork - We seek to effectively balance the needs and success of all three of our constituent groups: Customers, Company, and Co-workers. 

7. Performance - We each seek to be the most knowledgeable and skilled person in the company at our respective positions, and have a continual desire for self-improvement. 

8. Humility - In our constant efforts to learn and improve, both individually and collectively as a company, we recognize that great ideas, contributions, and perspective can come from everyone, and everywhere – both inside and outside of our company. 

9. Growth - We seek to build both people and systems for continual long-term growth and improvement. Employees will not keep to themselves, or withhold from others, information, knowledge, or skills that can build up the company. We will share and empower others to raise the level of all. 

10. Communication - We seek openness and transparency of communication and accountability, in successes and failures, and create an environment in which everyone is cheered for providing information that helps improve individuals and our company.

What our current employees say







Company financial status and market position

AutoNetTV launched operations in 2005. We created our industry vertical – Car Care videos to help vehicle owners understand the needs of their vehicle, which empowers them to make better service and repair decisions. We’ve endured both the Great Recession of 2008 and COVID-19, and yet we remain profitable, have never conducted layoffs, and have grown our development team steadily over the past few years. Our customers are in the automotive service industry, which has proven to be nearly recession-proof as a stable part of the economy. As our focus is on the service side of the industry, not the new car sales side, economic downturns cause consumers to keep their vehicles longer (the average age of vehicles on the road today is longer than ever in history), which benefits the automotive service industry, and thus AutoNetTV. Our content helps both the vehicle owner and the automotive service centers, which pay for monthly subscriptions to access our content in various places/ways, including on their website, in their email and text messaging, through digital inspections, and in their place of business in the waiting area or at the service counter.

Our industry-leading customers include major corporate accounts such as Hyundai, Kia, NAPA, Valvoline, O’Reilly, Exxon Mobil, Ford Quick Lane, Meineke, Chevron, AutoZone, Advance Auto, Shell Oil, and many more. We sell our services to both individual locations and large companies, diversifying our customer base and providing numerous opportunities for sales and marketing efforts. We recently launched a Value Added Reseller (VAR) program that will grow our content services exponentially by including our content within partner software and hardware applications. We are expanding globally, having created content in Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, and several other languages.

If this position sounds right for you, please apply at

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