Entertain and educate
while cutting your cable bill.

Upgrade your waiting area to a dynamic, and entertaining customer education tool that visually explains the importance and benefits of the services you provide.

Exclusive opportunity for AAMCO Service Centers.

AutoNetTV is an AAMCO-approved vendor 

New AutoNetTV channel partnership with Atmosphere TV

Car Care Videos and Entertainment for your waiting Area

AutoNetTV announces a new channel partnership with Atmosphere TV to give you a FREE subscription to display videos in your waiting area 

AutoNetTV Content?

The AutoNetTV Channel replaces cable TV with Car Care programming that reinforces your professionalism and increases your add-on repair orders, and combines entertaining content that’s fun and appropriate for all ages

What is Atmosphere?

Atmosphere TV is the leading free streaming service alternative to cable TV for businesses.

Is it really Free?

Yes! Atmosphere provides AutoNetTV content for free in exchange for running advertising in the programming. Cable TV also runs commercials within the programming, but you pay for cable.

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FREE AutoNetTV Streaming Content  For your AAMCO Service Center

Engage your customers in a whole new way.

Stop paying for cable or satellite programming that doesn’t add value to your business. With AutoNetTV Channel on Atmosphere, AAMCO Service Centers get engaged customers who learn about the maintenance and repair services you offer, and why they should obtain them. And, now this service is free.

transform your aamco tv screens

Try AutoNetTV Channel for FREE

HAPPIER CUSTOMERS LEAD TO BETTER BUSINESS. AutoNetTV Channel on Atmosphere reduces perceived wait time and improves moods. The AutoNetTV channel provides upbeat, positive entertainment that’s suitable for every customer.
DESIGNED TO WATCH IN AAMCO SERVICE CENTERS. Repair service video content displayed at your business becomes a conversation starter, generating more dialogue between you and your customers.
 And the best part – it’s FREE to your AAMCO Service Center

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