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Build Value, Trust, and Professional Credibility!

Service experience matters. AutoNetTV delivers high-end car care videos to explain the benefits of maintenance to your customers.



AutoNetTV helps your customers understand the value of automotive service and repair.


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

“50 Must-Know Stats About Video Marketing 2016: Corporate Explainer Videos in Cleveland.” Insivia, 2016,

Visually demonstrate maintenance and repair recommendations to your customers

Vehicle owners don't know about EGR, GDI, or U-joints. Car Care explainer videos help customers understand, so they say "yes" to your recommendations.

Build trust with video

Brake Rotors Warped

Transmission Service

Affordable monthly prices

For less than $3 a day, and no long-term contract, you can have cutting-edge digital signage in your dealership.

Increase your maintenance and repair orders

Build trust with your customers by using video to explain the benefits and value of the services you provide.

AutoNetTV Solutions

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Most popular

Service Media Center

High-tech advancement of traditional menu boards, illustrating dealer offerings with engaging 3D animations and motion graphics displayed in the service area.

The screen style reflects your Nissan Dealership brand colors and logo. Also includes On-Demand explainer videos and  

a place for business promos and special deals


Billed monthly through your NVA account

Nissan Dealer Showroom program

Showroom TV serves as a visually engaging platform that captures the attention of visitors and provides them with valuable information about the vehicles available at the dealership.  

Enhance your customers experience, while maintaining consistent branding in your dealership.


Billed monthly through your NVA account

Service Lounge Program

Engaging television that entertains and educates customers while customers wait.

Cut the cable which is full of competitors and convert your waiting area into a customer education center that explains the importance of automotive services and entertains with family-friendly segments.


Billed monthly through AutoNetTV

Commercial TVs and Professional Installation available. See details below.

*One-time $25 fee for shipping/handling per device.  Additional devices are only $50 per month

There's More 

Nissan Integrations

Each of these integrations is FREE with your AutoNetTV subscription.


Intelichek compares the service pricing at your dealership to local competitors.


The Greeter Board Highlights appointments through Xtime on your screens. You choose display frequency.


SureCritic features the latest 4- and 5-star reviews from your customers.

Three simple steps to engage and educate customers at your Nissan Dealership.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll have an engaging tool that enhances customer conversations. 


Choose from AutoNetTV Solutions: Care Car TV, Car Care Show Room TV and Car Care Entertainment TV


Connect the AutoNetTV Media player to your TV with the included HDMI cable, then connect to your internet.

Log In

Log In and choose your services. Customize the program further with your promos, videos, customer reviews, and more. 

Optional Equipment and/or Professional Installation

Commercial TVs and Professional Installation available

Service Area 

Package A

On-site Installation



Package B 

43" TV
Wall mount
On-site installation



Package C

50" TV
Wall mount
On-site installation



Package D

55" TV
Wall mount
On-site installation



Show Room

Package 01

85" TV
Wall mount
On-site installation



Package 02

65" TV
Wall mount
On-site installation



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