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AutoNetTV is a PROVANTAGE partner that delivers car care explainer videos to engage and educate customers on service and repair orders.

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Craig's Car Care

We have been with Auto Net Tv for 10+ years and have found it is a great tool with many great options to fit our business needs

Brett's Auto Repair

Excellent company! The quality of products and videos they provide enhances auto service centers professionalism, education, entertainment and revenue. Their Automotive explainer videos are the best in the industry. 

Visually demonstrate maintenance and repair recommendations to your customers

Vehicle owners don't know about EGR, GDI, or U-joints. Car Care explainer videos help customers understand, so they say "yes" to your recommendations.

Transmission Service

Brake Rotors Warped

Wheel Alignment

Affordable monthly prices

You can see how digital signage works in your service center on a month-to-month basis. Cancel at any time. 

Increase your maintenance and repair orders

Get more customers taking time to educate them, build trust and reinforce your professional image.

Enhance your content

Automotive Content for Digital Menu Board and Web

AutoNetTV provides car care videos to enhance the content you already have. Add educational videos to your service menu, website, social media, and more.


Digital menu Board


Charged monthly

Upgrade your service counter to a dynamic, customer education tool that visually explains the importance and benefits of the services you provide.

Style reflects your brand’s color scheme and logo
Menu provides information on services and prices
Fully automated, hands-off system
Content updated monthly
Service reminders


Digital Menu Board + Automated premium video content and new features


Charged monthly

For those who want more flexibility and playlist customization, there’s Car Care TV Pro.

The Car Care TV Pro includes everything you now enjoy with the Digital Menu Board plus exciting new features.

3D videos provide a look inside the vehicle and explain service procedures
Place for promos and deals
Fully automated, hands-off system
Automated video content
Pre-made and custom templates
Automotive integrations


Automotive Videos on your website, emails and social media


Charged monthly

Easy way to increase professionalism and user experience of your website, emails, social media and text messages through high quality automotive videos and animations.

Increase the professionalism and UX of your website
High quality automotive videos and animations for web use
Share service and repair videos by text message, email or social media posts
Massive Video Library

*Requires a one-time $149 equipment fee plus shipping and handling

Entertain your customers

Lobby TV for your Service Facility

AutoNetTV helps lower perceived wait time for customers at your facility while services are performed, combining educational videos with entertainment clips.


on Atmosphere

Lobby TV


Free monthly subscription

Cut the cord and break away from expensive cable costs with FREE channels on an Atmosphere-provided device

60+ Channels
Ads in the programing 
No full customization
Free device
Free monthly subscription


Lobby TV


Charged monthly

Engaging television that entertains and educates customers while they wait. No negative news, offensive content or competitor commercials.

Curated entertainment segments with Car Care Videos
Style reflects your brand colors and logo
No competitor ads on your Lobby TV
Upload your own content

*Requires a one-time $149 equipment fee plus shipping and handling.

What Makes Our Videos So Great

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Entertaining and engaging content improves CSI scores in your business.

Improved Customer Dialogue

Video content gets customers thinking about their vehicle's service needs.

Lower Perceived Wait Time

Great content makes time pass more quickly for your customers.

Get instant
access today!

Upgrade your business screens to a dynamic, customer education tool. Just fill out your details and one representatives will contact you


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Friday 7 am - 1 pm Mountain Time. US. MT

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