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NAPA Smart Sign PRO Changeover – FAQ

Why do I need to change?
From time to time, we develop updates and enhancements to the equipment, software, and user interface. To implement these changes an update to the media player was needed. Your new media player has more storage and better WIFI connectivity. The User Interface upgrade includes AutoPilot; a new feature to the NAPA Smart Sign PRO that quickly walks you through creating a customized playlist in minutes with menu templates, videos, and service-specific templates. AutoPilot takes your service choices and creates a new playlist for you every month.
How much does it cost?
We are sending out the new device to you at no cost
Will I still be able to add my own content?
As before, NAPA Smart Sign Pro will still allow you to upload your own content. Our User Interface upgrade includes a “USER TAB” in the content library making it even easier to find your uploaded content.
Why do you need my credit card again?
Along with all the other upgrades we are updating our credit card billing process. Due to credit card processing security features, we do not have access to the full card number and other card information. For that reason, we need to update your credit card information.
What about my content/playlist on the old system?
Our Customer Success team will assist in recreating your current playlist. Plus, with our AutoPilot feature your playlists going forward will be easier to create and automatically update monthly.

Do you have more questions?

Call us or send us an email and one of our customer success agents will reach out soon to answer your questions.

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