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Why Vehicle Owners Choose an Automotive Service Provider over Others

We wanted to understand the current attitudes of vehicle owners toward automotive service providers. Of specific interest is why consumers choose one provider over another, what offerings attract them to do business with a service facility, and what helps retain their business.

 To find answers to all these questions, we engaged a research company to help us with the study. We split the results into two parts.

Part 1 covers questions related to consumer attitudes about service centers, including different facility types and why they choose one facility over another. Let’s detail the three key considerations in choosing an automotive facility and how repair centers can use this to increase service orders.

1. Price - The Top Priority: Unsurprisingly, the most significant factor influencing the choice of an automotive service provider is the price. In a world where budget considerations play a pivotal role in decision-making, consumers are naturally drawn to service centers that offer competitive pricing. However, it's essential to recognize that pricing is influenced by various factors, including fixed infrastructure costs, purchasing power limitations, and prevailing labor rates in the market. Even if a facility adheres to best management practices, prices must still reflect a reasonable profit margin. This constrains the range in which pricing can be used as a tool to attract customers.

2. Expertise - Building Trust through Know-How: The second most critical factor vehicle owners consider is expertise. When entrusting a vehicle to a service provider, customers want to ensure they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to address their automotive needs, whether it's an oil change, tire rotation, or more extensive repairs. Expertise can be developed, demonstrated, and effectively communicated to prospective customers. Service providers that actively showcase their proficiency and provide evidence of their capabilities can instill confidence in potential clients. Moreover, maintaining transparent communication about expertise with existing customers goes a long way in fostering trust and strengthening relationships.

3. Location - Convenience Matters: The third key consideration in choosing an automotive service provider is location. Service centers typically draw their customer base from a three-mile radius around their location. This illustrates the importance of convenience – customers are more likely to choose a facility within an acceptable distance, reducing the hassle of traveling long distances for routine maintenance or repairs. When a service center relocates, it's not uncommon for customers to seek out a new facility that is conveniently located near their homes or workplaces.

In conclusion, the decision-making process for selecting an automotive service provider involves a delicate balance between pricing, expertise, and location. While price is often the initial driver, a reliable service provider understands the value of showcasing their expertise in explaining services to customers in an understandable way. AutoNetTV’s car care videos show-and-tell technical concepts so your customers can easily see and understand what you recommend.

By considering these factors, consumers can make informed choices that prioritize both their budgetary concerns and the long-term well-being of their vehicles.

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