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Makin’ a List & Checkin’ It Twice

  by Kim Curtis, AutoNetTV Corporate Accountant I can honestly say I am not a specialist when it comes to understanding automobiles.  I am not sure what the names of...
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Suns and Daughters

When I was young my father bought a Ford Galaxie Sunliner. Bright red and a convertible to boot. I loved how it looked and I also loved how fast it was. My...
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View From The Outside: What the Aftermarket Can Teach About Selling Parts, Tires & Accessories

Here are observations of the OE market from the perspective of a company with 9,000+ product installations in the Aftermarket.  Both the OE and the Aftermarket have strengths and weaknesses...
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Tops Shops: Common Denominator

Gene and Robin Morrill’s Certified Automotive Specialists in Glendora, California has been awarded this year’s Motor Age Top Shop.  The competition is stiff for this coveted award.   The top 10...
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Shock Value: Sell More Shocks and Struts

    We rented an RV for fall break.  We had a great four-day weekend – with the exception of driving the RV.  The shocks were completely shot.  I’d say...
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Oil Slick: Sell More Synthetic Oil

When I was 17 I bought a brand new ’77 Chevy Nova.  For its first oil change, I treated it to synthetic.  I’ve been running synthetic most of the time...
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Change No to Yes!

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who says they immediately say “Yes” to all their service advisors’ recommendations.  I’ve definitely talked with some who always say “No”.  Most of...
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Throw in a Bag of Doritos and You’ve Got a Deal

 When our oldest son was about three, my wife and I told him we would paint his room any color he wanted.  His top two choices were a medium blue...
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Blonde with 9 Inch Spikes

  It’s not what you think . . . this is about customer retention.  My mom was recently telling my kids that my kindergarten teacher expressed concern about me because...
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Virtual Reality in the Auto Shop

We’re always seeking feedback from our customers and they respond very positively.  Over the years we’ve incorporated suggestions for new service topics for our video library.  We’ve also gotten a...
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