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AutoNetTV surveyed over 1,000 vehicle owners across the country about issues, concerns, priorities, and preferences in relation to vehicle care. One of the questions we asked was, “What stops you from taking your vehicle(s) to be serviced more regularly?”, and the person could choose all that applied.

Both top two responses, #1 at 47.0% is “Cost of services”, and #2 at 39.6% is “Don’t need to get my car serviced more often”, indicate a general lack of understanding of either the benefits received from obtaining regular service, the need to follow a regular service schedule, or the potential downsides – both higher expenses and reduced safety – that can result from not obtaining services. Numerous studies, by the Car Care Council and others, have shown the majority of vehicles on the road have at least one unperformed maintenance or repair need. A more informed customer not only makes better decisions, but also agrees to obtain services and products more often. People want to be empowered with information, and they want to feel that they are making the right decisions. This represents a great opportunity to obtain additional service work, and to better help your customers, by communicating more openly and effectively.

AutoNetTV Product Tip – if you subscribe to a product of ours that displays on a TV screen (using a media player – for waiting areas and service desks), you can use the included remote control to pause the program and show a video On-Demand to a customer. 

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