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Winner! Winner!

AutoNetTV won three Automotive Communications Awards in Las Vegas at the 2016 AAPEX show. In this interview, Sparky talks with Chris Steele about his award.  Playing the hero, Sparky is...
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October 2016 – New Content from AutoNetTV

The seasons are changing – so is the content for your Menu Boards, Lobby TV and Website. Check out the NEW Stuff!
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More AutoNetTV Content – August 2016 Version

You know, we just keep doing this every month so let’s make it simple: Here’s a preview of some of the new AutoNetTV content available for your Digital Menu Board,...
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Time for New Content

When it comes to automotive Digital Menu Boards and Lobby TV programs, you’ve got choices. A lot of people focus on technical features and spend hours comparing specifications and capabilities....
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Prometheus Had It Easy: I Need a Little Help and There Is Money Involved

According to Greek mythology, Zeus was really mad at the titan Prometheus for giving fire to mankind.  As punishment, he had Prometheus chained to a rock and sent an eagle...
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245 Ways to Rule the Universe!

Every marketer will tell you that Content is King!  Great content is the Supreme Galactic Emperor. Creating great content takes time, money, and a specific skill set.  Lucky for you...
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Why Quality Replacement Parts are Good for Business

Customers sometimes think “parts is parts – get me the cheapest one out there”.  Service professionals sometimes think they need cheap parts to meet their margins or are reluctant to...
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Build Relationships through Peace of Mind

An in-story warranty gives peace of mind to your customers whether they are close to home or on the road.  The fact that you warranty your work says a lot...
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New Videos From AutoNetTV – April 2016

So far this year, AutoNetTV has added 168 videos to it’s library. Here is a sampler of what’s new for April.
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Trouble on Route 66

Road trip gone bad – that’s something you don’t want.  A Trip Inspection might just save the day. This video is part of a series of videos that can be...
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