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More AutoNetTV Content – August 2016 Version

You know, we just keep doing this every month so let’s make it simple: Here’s a preview of some of the new AutoNetTV content available for your Digital Menu Board,...
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Time for New Content

When it comes to automotive Digital Menu Boards and Lobby TV programs, you’ve got choices. A lot of people focus on technical features and spend hours comparing specifications and capabilities....
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Build Relationships through Peace of Mind

An in-story warranty gives peace of mind to your customers whether they are close to home or on the road.  The fact that you warranty your work says a lot...
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3 Reasons Why a Shop Owner Loves AutoNetTV Digital Menu Board

3 Reasons Why a Shop Owner Loves AutoNetTV Digital Menu Board plays a clip from an actual shop owner who uses the AutoNetTV program, and shows samples from the product...
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AutoNetTV: New Content for February 2016

Check out the new video content for February.  Available in Lobby TV and Digital Menu Board formats.
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Meineke Ranked #1 Automotive & Repair Franchise

Meineke Car Care Centers, part of Driven Brands Inc., has been named the No. 1 Auto Repair and Maintenance provider in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 37th annual Franchise 500 Rankings. Meineke ranked...
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Good Old Days and a Gold Corvair

By Dennis Emery, CFO, AutoNetTV Media, Inc. While driving in my car the other day, I found myself scanning through my XM radio stations looking for something worth listening to....
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Football, Holidays & the Dentist

By Bobby Cannon, Director of Sales, AutoNetTV Media, Inc. My family and I play football on Thanksgiving morning every year. We call it “Turkey Bowl” and, due to the bragging...
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Spare a Little Change?

  Automotive service and repair is a $215 billion a year industry.  Change is either an obstacle or an accelerant to getting your fair share.  Or rather, your response to...
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I’ll Have a #3 and an Oil Change: The Case for Digital Menu Boards

  We have a lobby set in the studio.  Over the years, we’ve had a number of service menu boards on the wall.  Our first menu boards were those with...
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