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How Much Do You Value Me? Let Me Count the Minutes!

By Sean Whiffen, V.P. Strategy, Technology & Content  Waiting in line … This common experience conjures thoughts and feelings in every one of us – from the DMV to the grocery store. It’s...
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Don’t Blink

  80% of motor vehicle accidents are preceded by 3 seconds of distraction.  3 seconds: that’s less time than it takes to read the last sentence.  Last week Myra Blanco...
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You’ll Ruin Your Eyes

  Mom used to say, rather emphatically, “Don’t watch so much TV, you’ll ruin your eyes!”  That was back in the day of 3 channels when I would watch a...
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The Worst Wheel

  When my youngest was 7 she said, “I can’t remember – is it the boy or the girl peacocks that have the bright feathers.” “It’s the boys.  In the...
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Whatcha Gonna Do When You Got Nothin’ to Do

  Add up the number of hours you’ve spent waiting for doctors, dentists, a restaurant table, haircuts and auto service, etc.  That’s a lot of time with nothing to do. ...
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Jungle Guide – Social Media for the Unconvinced Part 2

  In Part 1, we talked about the why’s of social media.  In this piece we’ll talk about getting started with the basic tools of social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...
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2012 Top 10 Automotive Repair Websites

  AutoNetTV™ congratulates the winners of the 2012 AutoInc. Top 10 Automotive Repair Websites contest.  Each year AutoInc. judges qualified automotive repair websites on 12 criteria.  Angie Kilbourne, AAM, reports...
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Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks

  I was at the mall the other day.  I wanted to take a load off and headed towards a cushy armchair.  As I approached I thought I could see...
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AutoNetTV Lobby TV Commercial

  We created this fun ad to air on the CNN Airport Network last month.  It highlights Lobby TV and Web Tools in 30 seconds.   AutoNetTV products increase CSI,...
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3 Tips to Improve Social Media Marketing

  Hallie Janssen, Vice President of Anvil Marketing, provides three great tips to improve dealership social media marketing.   Of course one thing every social media marketer needs is content. ...
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